Birkan Ata

After 15 years spent in yachting industry, and 12 of those as a crew member from deckhand to Chief Officer , Birkan Ata, founder and director gained a veteran experience and ran to the top. His ambition, highly developed social skills, energetic approach and bursting desire to break the limits and always come up with something different, are top quality assurance to all those who give him their trust. As a true problem solver, Birkan never runs out of useful ideas, always finding new ways to speed up the realization, with sophisticated tone of persuasion when chasing his goal. Resourceful and adventurous, but at the same time pragmatic and “firmly grounded”, Birkan understands difficulties that the yacht crew face and lack of quality service at the areas where his company is operating nowadays. For Bikran, there are no boundaries, only stimulating challenges that make him hungry for the taste of life, and lead to the point where his name is treated like a brand in yachting industry.